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Reach for your Noble Self

How we can reach our Nobility (our Noble Self) in the moments when we are faced with life’s ongoing challenges and curve-balls? And what do I mean by the “Noble Self”, anyway?

I mean that part of you that knows best what to do. That wise part of you. That part of you that knows on a visceral level, how to handle anything. It’s when you get that gut level knowing of what to do. That part of you that tries to live in a truthful way with clarity and purity. With grace.

Yes, we’re imperfect, every one of us. We have all had experiences when we’ve reacted in ways we are not proud of. We have also been the recipients of horrid behavior by others. With respect, we will just call that an aspect of our collective Humanity.

What matters most is the decision we make in those moments. What we want to try is something new (so we get a different outcome!). That’s where our Noble Self can help.

I know you have touched in to your Noble Self, for those are the moments when you feel complete and at ease, detached and free – and loving. Decisions and actions feel right. Totally right.

In every moment of every day, we do have choice – in how we react to people, situations, and world affairs - and yet it is these very moments when we may not feel like we have choice at all.

Often we feel like control has been taken from us. So we reach (or should I say, grasp) to take back control, and yet our need to have control in those times is exactly what can take us off course. Not only do we risk making the wrong decision/comment, we can actually become resistant to that which could actually help us.

How does that happen? Why are we suddenly feeling out of control, unbalanced, feeling doubt about what we should or shouldn’t do, or just feeling over-powered by what the day has presented us with? And too, there can be that negative, internal dialogue that comes in and takes over, confusing us further. A negative voice that somehow is always making us wrong, and others too.

I would like to help you REMEMBER your path to your own Nobility. It is in this place you will easily find answers for yourself.

How do I know this? Because I like you, have been presented with choices in the moment, and I’ve made mistakes. Plenty of them! Yet I’ve learned a few things about all this.

I have learned to re-train my brain to react in different ways. I have learned how to find another road to travel, one paved with compassion for myself and others. A road in which I feel supported, where I am no longer alone.

I have come to a place of understanding that all the answers I seek lie within my Noble Self...that noble nature that is a part of me – and you! We all carry this wavelength and it thrums within us. I have trained to this position of knowing how to do this, and I am blessed to now become a trainer or teacher in it. (Ultimately it is our “cosmic job” to share Knowledge).

I know it doesn’t sound easy, especially when you’re angry, resentful, and upset. Where is that higher road?! Yet it is easy...because it is already part of you. This Noble You – exists. It always has existed. We all lose our way from time to time. We just need to “re-find” it.

You may disbelieve that you are of a noble nature. So to help you with that, my first question for you that may help provide insight for you, is this:

Do you know yourself well enough to know “what you will and will not do”? In other words, is there a noble part of you that would not harm a child...that would not abuse those within our beloved and holy animal kingdom – and so on. This is a big question: do you know what you will and will not do? My guess is that, yes, you do know...

A second question: Is there a part of you that knows without a doubt, that you are certainly imperfect, yet not in any way intentionally deceitful or harmful toward others?

These are important points. For if you have made mistakes and not forgiven yourself (or others), or believe yourself undeserving of your rights to grow and evolve, you may simply be ignoring your own nobility... shutting down that part of you that can change and can make new decisions for yourself. You may have simply forgotten that there is something much “bigger”, something far more “noble” at play here.

When you allow yourself to elevate and touch in with your true Noble Self, you open up the magic again. You may have felt you lost that magic. You open up to synchronicity again, and you thought you had lost that too.

If you feel you have lost that part of you...of being able to live with kindness and flow in your life for yourself and others, I urge you to consider this: you had this once – and you still have it. I know you can remember times when you were elated with the sense of knowing EXACTLY what to do and you did not hesitate to commit to action. Or you were so alive in your passion for something that was so important to you and you knew how to do it. Or you fought for and won something in your life – with grace.

If you ever experienced any of this, your nobility was at play. Our human self is not wrong, but it struggles. It struggles with not being good enough, not being perfect enough, not being something enough.

I ask you to consider opening up that part of you again – to re-acquaint yourself with your Noble Nature.

If you are willing to do that, when the next person or situation that drives you into familiar old patterns (that really aren’t you) and don’t serve you any more, simply call upon this VERY REAL part of you. Then, put it in the lead.

Be gracious. Why not? Has the other option been working?

Be disciplined. Not in a harsh way. Be disciplined in calling upon your better self, in a way that will make you more centered, present, confident and fair – first with yourself and then with others.

Be reverent. Be reverent of the fact that there is something much larger at play in your life. Something that would call you toward your Destiny if you would only allow it.

To start exploring this concept:

There is a quiet place within you. Go find it. However you might do this, go find it: perhaps while in nature, maybe within your mind, in your meditation, or while watching your child sleep.

Reach for your noble nature in that moment of silent reverie, and extend your invitation to have magic, ease and flow in your life once again. Breathe deeply to calm the heart and mind. Keep breathing deeply and ready yourself for new information to come forward.

It is then that you may begin to ask your questions, seek guidance of a higher order. The voice within (your spirit self) will show you the path. It will be a loving and compassionate voice. The voice of Truth.

However you receive your information, do listen. It’s the true voice, the real voice, the one that loves you – no matter what. You may “see” your answers in vision, or “feel” your answers in your calmed emotions, or “hear” the kind and loving tone of your spirit self.

You may find you want support in this journey. Find like-minded people who will be positive and supportive. Find classes that train you in this powerful way of improving your life.

Spend a few moments every day, touching into your Noble Self. Just a few minutes. Meditate, be silent with yourself...so you can hear what you need to learn about yourself. Watch your life transform when you bring your noble nature into your every day life.

If you are reading this and it has in any way touched you, please ignite your cosmic responsibility to share what you know, and send this to someone who needs guidance and a loving tone to hear in their heart and soul.

Let’s continue the dialogue.


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